Medium Cherry Charcuterie Board - Desert Brown With Orange Flowers


Crafted to be unique and one of a kind, each cherry board is hand layered with food safe, BPA free resin, natural pressed flowers and gold leaf details. Each board is sanded and finished with love, care and food grade board oil for a hi-touch finish. 

Please note that flowers are seasonal and unique. Each board is one of a kind and the board you receive will vary based on the flowers in season. While the board you receive may not be an exact replica of the image, the color and style will be similar to the board shown. 


8" x 15" x 3/4"

Care information

Durable and resilient, real hardwood is a living object, please treat with care.

Wash with mild soap with lukewarm water and soft sponge.
Do not soak.
Do not expose to extreme temperatures.
To prolong longevity of the board, rub with food grade safe board oil.