Earth Vessel Premium - Apophyllite - MINI



Whether you're planning a dinner party, tying the knot or celebrating another trip around the sun - our mini earth vessels are the ultimate treat for your guests. These adorable, pint size wonders make for a charming, portable party favor that will delight your out-of-towners and zen retreat guests alike.

Read on for the energetic qualities of the crystals and personalize your gifts for each person on your list.

About Aphophyllite: 

Apophyllite, a potent healing crystal, has the ability to calm frazzled nerves instantly with its ethereal light vibrations. To alleviate stress and anxiety, meditate with your apophyllite crystal and experience a surge of lightness within your spirit. Some apophyllite stones may contain tiny stilbite inclusions that resonate with loving energy. Relax, find your center, and embrace tranquility with this distinctive crystal.

Please note: 

Apophyllite is part of our premium earth vessel collection. While this crystal is not rare, the amount of faceted apophyllite material is scarce, making these vessels a rare find. These are produced in very small batch quantities. Limited availability while supplies last.

The vessel you receive may not be identical to the images as shown but they will be in similar colors and styles.


4"H x 1.25"D


Mini Apophyllite Points
Mini dried strawflower, globe amaranth, cress and mixed foliage.
All flowers are dried naturally with no use of preservatives or chemicals.

Care information

The flowers in each vessel are protected from exposure and dust and may last for 2-3 years+.

The colors and flowers will hold the best when kept out of direct sunlight, away from moisture, and out of direct heat.

Please handle it with care. To maintain clarity of the vessel from dust, rub with a gentle microfiber cloth.