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Earth Vessel - Amazonite - MINI

Earth Vessel - Amazonite - MINI

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Whether you're planning a dinner party, tying the knot or celebrating another trip around the sun - our mini earth vessels are the ultimate treat for your guests. These adorable, pint size wonders make for a charming, portable party favor that will delight your out-of-towners and zen retreat guests alike.

Read on for the energetic qualities of the crystals and personalize your gifts for each person on your list.

About Amazonite: 

Amazonite serves as a potent companion during moments of significant decision-making. It soothes the mind and nerves, promoting balance and helping you see various perspectives. Introduce Amazonite into your life to foster stability, clarity, and sound decision-making in your surroundings.

Please note: 

- The flowers in each vessel are protected from exposure and dust and may last indefinitely.

- This product contains an amazonite crystal and natural dried flowers 

- The colors and flowers will hold the best when kept out of direct sunlight, away from moisture, and out of direct heat.  

- Dimensions for MINI are 4" tall x 1.25" in diameter.

The vessel you receive may not be identical to the images as shown but they will be in similar colors and styles.


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