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Druzy Agate Tower Large (Cream Tones)

Druzy Agate Tower Large (Cream Tones)

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This large druzy agate tower is a real beauty. Standing at about 5" tall, it is a stunner with it's cloud like, sparkly center and a shimmer of cream and gold. 

What is a druzy agate?

Druzy agate is a type of agate stone that is characterized by the small, crystal structure that is formed on the stone (called a druzy), which means that druzy agate crystals have a “cavity” of tiny crystals, often not much bigger than grains of sugar.

Druzys are formed when mineral-filled water sits on another rock’s surface. Over time, as the water evaporates, the minerals left behind form tiny crystals. While this sounds like a fast process, it actually often takes millions of years!

I curate a very small selection of incredibly unique crystals for and this stone is truly one of a kind. Pair this tower with one of our earth vessels or dried mini bouquets to beautify any sacred space in your home. 



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