The Modern Art of floral preservation

Our World

The Language of Flowers

"Flowers are the music of the ground. From earth's lips spoken without sound."

-Edwin Curran

The Studio

Orchid & Pine is a botanical studio proudly led by nature loving girls devoted to exploring the intersection between nature, design and wellbeing.

From sowing the seeds, tending to the flowers, naturally drying without chemicals or preservatives all the way through to design and composition - we pour love and care into the the entire process of our small batch and handmade creations.

May our botanical gifts brighten up your day and bring the beauty of the floral world into your life and home.

The Flowers

Flowers are like nature's pause button. We love how they remind us to slow down, soak up, and cherish the magic of each present moment.

The care and craft of tending to life and land is a slow and organic process. In a world where our desires can be met so easily at the tip of our fingers, relating to nature is a living relationship that calls for patience, dedication, and faith.

Just like any relationship, tending to flowers take time and care that is a unique mixture of joy, beauty and various challenges.

Our journey into small-scale flower growing began in 2022 with a small plot of strawflowers. We continue a little bit more from season to season as we bloom in our experiences alongside the flowers.

Read on to learn more about our journey below.

The land on which we gather is the unceded territory of the Awaswas-speaking Achistaca Tribe. Today, there are no known living descendants of the seven Awaswas-speaking tribes of the greater Santa Cruz area. 

Our Partners

When you purchase a botanical gift from Orchid & Pine, you're supporting a local community of Northern California flower farmers and artists.

Right relationship is everything to us and we are grateful for the connections we make through our creations. Learn more about our flower farmers and partners here.