Our Flower Journey

Flowers are good for your body, mind and spirit. They serve as a reminder that we are intimately intertwined with Nature, not separate from it. Studies have repeatedly shown that people experience an increase in positive psychological and physiological effects when they see flowers, even for just a few minutes at a time.

Our vision is to infuse daily life with the magic of the botanical world in a responsible and regenerative way. This includes growing and harvesting herbs, plants, and flowers directly from our garden. What we're unable to grow ourselves, we source from local agriculture, supporting and giving back to our community of growers.

Our humble journey in small scale flower growing started in 2022 with a small plot of 120 strawflowers. Since then we've expanded into more varieties of statice, ammobium, cress and globe amaranth. Read on below as we share our humble beginnings and the evolution of our journey.

The beginning

Our inugural product, the tiny but mighty earth vessel included flowers from a bouquet that I received from a stranger.

But let me back up to the winter of winter of 2022. That winter, my partner and I were in a dark place.

For many reasons, both globally and personally, it was a harsh and bitter season. At that time, we were doing all we could to keep our family together. The battle in Ukraine had escalated and we were doing our best to donate what we could to help family and friends in aiding refugees impacted by the war.

With a heavy heart and many mixed emotions we decided to hold a peace ceremony gathering with my circle of friends.

As it was winter, I thought it may be difficult to find flowers for our community altar. A local woman heard about my search and generously gifted what few flowers she had available.

This one, kind and loving gesture softened my heart.

While I sat in my car on my way to the peace ceremony, I gazed upon these flowers and felt tension melting from my body. The vise I felt around my heart began to soften. I felt my breath fully as tears rolled down my face.

While I've always loved flowers, it was in this moment that I realized how much of a healing presence they have in my life.

After the peace ceremony, I gathered some of the flowers from the altar and dried them. I placed those flowers into a mini vessel with rose quartz - the ultimate gem for love - and gifted them to this kind hearted soul.

On growth

Since then, whenever I've felt down or unsure about the world, I happen to run in the same woman who gifted me these flowers! Talk about kismet!

In the last two years she and I have developed a slow and quiet friendship, one that is taking time to bloom and grow - just like our flowers.

In a world that is very fast paced and full of distractions, new connections that have depth and meaning are quite precious. Relationships take time to grow roots. Just like any living organism, they too require food and water to be fully nourished.

In the last two years, like this friendship, my relationship with flowers also continue to grow.

I signed up for the Floret Farm course in 2023, checked out tons of gardening books from the library, and set up a small plot to grow a variety of flowers.

That summer, we grew an abundance, but I quickly realized that I would not be able to sustain both growing, designing and making handmade products without significantly expanding my team. From this experience, I continue to learn and evolve with this journey.

On regeneration

Creating a strong foundation is integral to our values. Each flower creation from our earth vessels to our floral cards and boards are made with love and attention. Flowers are not a commodity. They are a living, breathing being that requires tending and care.

Looking forward to the next season we have intentionally scaled back growing flowers, with an exception of a small plot of summer favorites and lean more into our farm partnerships. With this, we are able to support our local community of growers while taking our time to build our roots.

For 2025, we have a new consultant team member supporting us in implementing sustainable and regenerative growing practices. We are creating more low-till and no dig beds, cultivating soil health, and consciously choosing native plants and annuals that easily self seed. This way the flowers that grow are not only great for the pollinators but also come back stronger as they are naturalized to our unique ecosystem.

After harvesting our flowers, we employ natural drying methods, avoiding the use of chemicals or preservatives. The same standards apply to any dried flowers sourced externally.

If you've made it through this story, I thank you for the time and care you put into learning more about our journey. I'll post more updates from the garden as we continue to learn and grow over our journal page.

With all my love and gratitude,