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Earth Vessel - Clear Quartz - MEDIUM

Earth Vessel - Clear Quartz - MEDIUM

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Earth Vessels are an expression of our divine love for nature. The flowers and composition in each vessel are unique and composed by hand in our studio in the Santa Cruz mountains. 

They make a beautiful offering for your altar, house warming present, hostess gift,
birthday, anniversary or commemorative symbol for a memory or milestone in your life.

About Clear Quartz: 

Clear quartz is one of the most iconic crystals that can be found in every continent on earth. It is even used in electronics due to its ability to amplify and be programmed. If it works for your phone, imagine what it can do for your overall energy. Clear quartz brings clarity to shadows within the mind and is considered a universal healer.

Clear quartz is a classic in any crystal collection. It brings light, love and grace to your life and home with it’s amplifying energies. 

Please note: 

- The flowers in each vessel are protected from exposure and dust and may last indefinitely.

- This product contains a clear quartz crystal and natural dried flowers 

- The colors and flowers will hold the best when kept out of direct sunlight, away from moisture, and out of direct heat.  

- Dimensions for LARGE are 6" tall x 1.5" in diameter.

The vessel you receive may not be identical to the images as shown but they will be in similar colors and styles.


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