Tune In Journal Summer 2023

Tune In Journal Summer 2023

Each month we will be sharing with you a crystal to connect with for the month and a ritual practice for the season.

Remember that these practices are a guide, so move with what resonates with you and release that which doesn't. When practicing with crystals, the potency in creating magic comes from leaning in to your own intuition. I work with crystals by simply sitting quietly and listening. 

It's best to be discerning and yes, even dare I say skeptical when working with crystals and energy. This is especially true if you are just starting out your crystal journey because there are loads of information and resources that you will find. It's best to start small and simple, connect to one crystal at a time. When you encounter a crystal that catches your eye, hold it in the palm of your hand and breathe. Scan your body and see how it makes you feel. 

I hope that these guides provide a foundation for your own experiences, upon which you can continue to build upon in your individual exploration and discovery. 

And feel free to share with us what resonates with you and your own journey. Through our shared experiences we can continue to elevate and uplift the collective calling to raise our consciousness of bringing more light, love and kindness into the world. 

With all my love, 


July Crystals 

Orchid & Pine Amazonite Earth Vessel

Amazonite is a classic in my personal collection of crystals. My very first amazonite crystal is a palm stone that I carried with me to teach yoga classes. Amazonite is a popular July crystal and associated with the sign Cancer. July babies are wonderful allies in guiding you out of dark times with cool grace and a certain je ne sais quoi quality to any situation.

Amazonite is a calming, cooling stone that dispels negativity, fear, worries and clears energy blockages. You can carry this crystal with you or place amazonite near the entrance of your home where it can serve as a reminder to release the cares from the day at the doorstep as you enter your sacred space.  

Sankalpa and Yoga Nidra Manifestation Practice 

You will need: 

Blanket or Mat to lie down on 
Cushion or pillow to support neck, back of knees or ankles as needed 
Amazonite palm crystal 
Clear Quartz crystal 
Eye pillow 
Optional:  Geranium or lavender essential oil 

  • Begin by creating space to lay out your mat and your ritual items 
  • Smudge yourself with herbs from your garden or sage
  • Sit on your cushion in a comfortable position with your palms on your lap and take 5 long deep breaths 
  • Feel your sit bones on the earth and scan your body 
  • Take a few moments to observe your mind and start with where you are
  • Bring to mind what you are grateful for in this moment. Continue breathing. 
  • Then bring to mind what it is you are dreaming to manifest, or your heartfelt wish, something you wish to achieve in the next turning of the seasons. 
  • Create a statement of this heartfelt wish, as if you have already achieved it in the present moment. For example: "I am healthy in mind and body, I wake every day feeling renewed and full of energy." 
  • Write down your Sankalpa on a piece of paper. 
  • Place the paper on your altar underneath your Amazonite crystal. Place on the eastern side of your altar 

Everyday, take 10-15 minutes to revisit your sankalpa. Take the option to simply sit in silence, repeating your sankalpa to yourself while utilizing visualization, or find a guided yoga nidra practice that resonates with you. 

Visualize yourself in your sankalpa, what does it feel like in your body? Who are you with? What you see, hear and smell? 

Practice as often as you are able to, starting this ritual on a new moon and completing one full lunar cycle. 

You may make the option to bury your sankalpa in a box in your garden along with your crystal and offer to the earth. Add a second dream or desire to give back to your immediate community that aligns with your manifestation.

Plant seeds near your sankalpa and water them every day. 



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