Our Team

Meet the Designer

Charina Cabanayan

Hi, I'm Charina! 

I started Orchid & Pine Studio in 2022, combining my love for flowers, design and well being to create a collection of beautiful botanical gifts for all the senses. 

I'm passionate about flowers which stems from grandmother who had the most beautiful rose garden.

I started out my journey in design with a BFA in Fashion with the California College of the Arts in San Francisco. While working as a designer and boutique owner, I discovered the amazing benefits of Yoga and practiced as a certified yoga teacher and reiki practitioner to bring more a more holistic and spiritual balance to my fast paced life as an entrepreneur. 

I'm honestly a creator at heart and cannot imagine a life without working with my hands - whether its through gardening, painting, making things or energy healing. 

These days you can find me practicing and teaching community yoga, going on long hikes with my dog, playing in the river and the beach with my family or curled up in a sunny spot with a great book.

Thank you for visiting and connecting with me through Orchid & Pine Studio! I hope my creations bring you and your loved ones peace, joy and beauty amongst the peaks and valleys of your life. 

The light in me, meets the light in you. 

With gratitude,


Meet our Illustrator

Cheyanne Donald

Cheyanne Donald is a daydreamer, who takes her whimsical imagination into her art. 

Creating with bright colors, smooth lines and a fascination for all things, Cheyanne brings to life her vision of the world to connect and to share.

"Art is about giving the viewer the opportunity to join in on your illusions. It is a unique outlet to create new perspectives and experiences by way of whichever tools you are presented with."

Cheyanne's goal is to take the bits and pieces of life that bring her joy and make them accessible to those around her.  To read more about Cheyanne, explore our Q&A with her below.